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Collar Styles Available
Quick Release Buckle - The most commonly sold type of collar. I use only the highest grade buckles for extra strength and comfort. Nickel, brass, and plastic/nickel hybrid buckles are available as well. If you want a quick release buckle and have a large dog/strong puller, plastic is not recommended.
Loop Martingale - A collar consisting of two loops. One goes over the dog's head and a smaller loop contains the D ring for leash attachment. When the dog pulls, the collar gently tightens, preventing the dog from backing out of it. Very popular with sight hounds, it is suitable for any breed. Excellent choice for the collar escape artist! You can also add an extra D ring that doesn't tighten the collar when in use.

**Please note that  the loop part of the martingale will be lined in nylon rather than satin or fabric, unless otherwise requested. Nylon handles the abrasion better and is therefore the most practical choice.**
Reduced Slide Martingale
These reducer slides offer smaller martingale loops that are 1" wide. Perfect for smaller dogs when you want a wider collar without a lot of bulk. The brass option is heavier duty than the nickel and is recommended for larger/strong dogs.
Chain Martingale - A chain martingale works in the same way a loop martingale does. You attach the leash to an "O" ring on the chain, and the collar tightens when the dog pulls. Available in all widths/sizes. A small surcharge applies. 

**chains are not available in brass**
Double Bar Buckle - A traditional and stylish dog collar that features a nickel plated double bar buckle and grommets. Available for 1", 1.5" and 2" collars. A small upgrade fee applies.  *Brass double bar buckles are only available in 3/4" & 1" widths.*
Adjustable Slide - This type of collar, commonly used with sled dogs and sometimes referred to as a "full circle" or "arctic circle" collar, consists of two metal slides and a D ring. Strong, sleek and ultra comfortable with no bulky buckle in the way. You put it on over your dog's head, then adjust to fit. Simple! 
 Not sure which of these styles best suits your dog? Send us an email and we will be happy to help!

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